Throw Me A Bone

Throw Me A Bone

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How are your antlers sourced and processed?

Easy! We travel all over the western U.S. to find the highest quality antler. Antlers are shed naturally by Elk and Deer, and our suppliers go out and find them. Then we hand select the highest quality antlers from each location.

To process these antlers and make them into chewable sizes we make sure that NO chemicals are used to treat, wash, or enhance in any way. By doing this we make sure to keep the full flavor unlocked for your little fur babies! 

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How can I ensure that your antler chews are really better quality?

You tell us! When you receive our product, If its not better quality, please feel free to send it back. We will fully refund your money! Email us at letting us know why why you are not satisfied with your product! Then mail it back to 1336 N 3000 W Clinton Ut 84015. We highly doubt that you will ever have any reason to believe that our product is not the highest quality!

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Why does it look like your antlers cost more, when you say they cost less?

This is because our antlers are bigger and more dense. The reason we choose our antlers in the western US is because they are generally bigger and heavier than those in other states. Our competitors market their products based on a size category, such as "Small" or "Extra-Large". Our prices are based on the actual amount of antler you receive. Our average price is around $4 an ounce. When we went to several of our competitors to compare prices and study the market we found that they charge up to $10 an ounce! That is outrageous!  We pledge to make all natural, high quality antler affordable for all pet owners.