Throw Me A Bone

Throw Me A Bone


The Idea

The idea sparked when I was visiting my Aunt. I was sitting there watching her dog play with and gnaw on an antler. I thought why don't all dogs have antler chews if they enjoy them so much. So, I started doing research and found not only do dogs love them but the antlers are very healthy for dogs. In fact I found in a study done by the University of Georgia that antler contains various minerals. When I crossed those minerals with the Top 10 minerals that dogs need to be healthy 8-10 of them were included. Upon learning this I gained a new desire to help all dogs and owners learn and experience these antlers, and trying to Keep the cost as low as possible!

Style & Quality

While doing research I went to name brand stores like PetSmart and Petco and many other smaller pet supply shops and found that the antlers on the shelf were old, like 3-7 years old. you can tell the age of an antler by the color, Hard brown antler is the freshest and newest. Hard white is a year old, cracked white is about 2-3 years old, and chalk white is 3+ these antler I was seeing being sold for top dollar and then some had red on the chalk white, which means they are very old and about to disintegrate. Because of this we vow and promise to never sell old antler! We sell only the best and top quality so it last longer and is healthier for your pet!

100% Handmade

We hand select and hand cut every antler chew while lovingly preparing it for your pet! We understand that your pet is more than just a pet, they're family. Would you feed your family old food, that's low quality? No! you want the best for those you love and you can get those here! We have the best quality for the lowest price,  and we do it because we love your pet as much as you do!